What You Need To Know About Bagworm Pest Treatment

You may have realized the pine cone looking formations which happen on some bushes, trees, and shrubs in your yard. This is a bagworm infestation which requires to be taken care of. It may become a significant problem from other plans in your yard in case nothing is done. If infestation happens, it requires to be dealt with promptly.

Closeup of insecticide sprayer

Types of Bagworms

They’re 3 popular kinds of bagworms (mostly found in America). These include:

> The staircase bagworms
> The evergreen bagworms
> The grass bagworms

Recognizing the kind or the distinguishing between them doesn’t make a distinction when you’re attempting to treat your trees from Bagworms infestation. All of the various types react the same to the different treatments for them.

Best Time To Perform Bagworm Pest Treatment

The ideal time of year perform your pest control for these bugs is in May since the bagworms are yet somehow in hibernation mode at this time. Later in the summer they’ll be much more active and moving from one tree to the other. Given that you get them while in hibernation, it will lessen the probability that they’ll be able to move to other plants in the area.

Methods of Bagworm Pest Treatment

> Manual Methods

One way of eliminating bagworms is utilizing manual methods. You actually pick the bagworm nests, that look much like pine cones, off the bush or tree. After you’ve picked them, ensure that you destroy them completely. Burning is a suitable way to make sure they’re dead and won’t spread to another part of your yard.

> Attracting Birds To The Infested Trees

Another method to destroy bagworms is to invite birds to those trees. Hang bird feeders or homemade bird feeders from those trees infected. They’re numerous low-cost bird feeders such as the pine cone feeder which can be made. Cover the tree or bush with these in case you actually want more birds. Be certain to have a water reservoir for them nearby. For several pest issues in trees, this is an exceptional option.Use Insecticides

Spraying the trees of iron sulphate

Last but not the least, you can utilize insecticides to sprinkle the tree to assist treat the bagworm issue. They’re particular times of the year which these requires to be implemented to deal with this kind of pest problem. In case you have had this infestation in the past, be sure that you treat your trees & bushes at the best times of the year to counter this problem.


Hiring an arborist who is experienced in tree doctoring Fort Worth and at these kinds of tree services can assist busy homeowners to maintain the greatest level of prevention for their tree-lined property. It can additionally conserve homeowners the later cost of having to pay for tree removal for infected trees which are dying and have missed to react to treatment. Prevention can likewise save homeowners the cost of having to pay to replace trees which die with new seedlings. Though preventative approaches utilizing a professional can cost more, it can be a reasonable trade-off to own a good yard for relaxing almost throughout the year.